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New Mexico State Won’t Resume the Basketball Season

The news that New Mexico State University will not be resuming its basketball season has been met with disappointment from fans, players, and staff alike. The university had previously announced a plan to resume the season in January 2021, but due to the ongoing pandemic, they have decided it is too risky for them to proceed. This decision comes at a time when many other universities across the country are beginning or planning on restarting their sports programs.

New Mexico State’s decision was made out of an abundance of caution as they felt that it would be irresponsible for them to put their student-athletes and staff at risk by playing during these uncertain times. They also noted that there were too many financial uncertainties surrounding college athletics right now which could potentially cause further disruption if games were played this year. Even though this news may come as a disappointment for some, safety should always remain paramount in any decisions regarding college sports programs during such unprecedented times like these we are currently living through.

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It’s important for universities to prioritize the health and safety of their student-athletes and staff, especially during a pandemic. While it’s certainly disappointing for fans, players, and staff, it’s understandable that the university made this difficult decision after assessing the risks and uncertainties involved in resuming their basketball season. It’s also important for other universities and colleges to carefully evaluate the situation before deciding to resume their sports programs. In these unprecedented times, it’s crucial that all decisions are made with the well-being of everyone involved in mind.

In conclusion, while New Mexico State’s decision not to resume its basketball program is certainly unfortunate, ultimately safety must come first. It’s important that all institutions take into account both health concerns and financial considerations before making any decisions about whether or not students can participate in collegiate athletics safely. By taking such measures, schools can help ensure everyone stays safe while still allowing students opportunities to continue participating in extracurricular activities despite our current circumstances.

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